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Hostgator vs Site5 2020 Review – a feature by feature webhosting company comparison. Which webhost is the winner for 2020? Find out in this article.

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Hostgator is one of the top web hosting companies available, but how does their competitor Site5 stack up? Int rems of features, pricing, and hosting availability, each company has certain individual aspects to offer. In this review, we’ll discuss the perks of each company, detailing why you might choose Hostgator vs Site5 as your ultimate web hosting provider.

Hostgator vs Site5


Hostgator has long since had the cheapest web hosting plans available, starting at just $3 per month for a single domain with their “hatchling” plan. Their second plan goes for $5 per month and provides unlimited domains, bandwidth, and disk space.


As hard drive space and technology itself begins to improve, the cost of tech itself gets lower — meaning companies don’t have to charge as much for diskspace or bandwidth. This means Hostgator is able to offer completely unlimited features in terms of bandwidth and diskspace, letting you use as much data as you need.

Hostgator offers complete control panel and cPanel features as well. Including a special access service tool to allow you to manage all your websites in just a few clicks, cPanel lets you set up FTP accounts, MySQL databases, or install scripts and third party apps.

Site5 has a similar service known as “SiteAdmin,” but it is not the industry standard. If something goes wrong, you’re on your own in terms of help support because there is far less literature on this control panel than on cPanel.

Dedicated IP Addresses

As part of each plan, Hostgator offers Dedicated IP addresses and SSL certificates, so that you can quickly offer secure service to all your visitors. This way, you can view the site you own without needing to use your domain name as well.

Site Transfers

Hostgator also provides full free migration from an existing company to their service. This means if you have your site set up somewhere else, their tech team will quickly help you transfer your entire site, free of charge.

Customer Service

Hostgator’s customer service exceeds that of Site5 by far. For one, Site5’s customer service is only available Monday through Friday, 11am to 8pm. Hostgator’s, by contrast, is available 24/7. Additionally, Hostgator’s tech reps are extremely knowledgable and helpful, handling all your major issues and concerns without any hesitation or difficulty. The same cannot be said for Site5.

Backups and Security

Another big perk with Hostgator is their powerful backup service. Since keeping snapshots of your website can be an important way to make sure you don’t lose important data — as well as keeping all your data stored securely — the company provides full nightly backups at an offsite server, so that they’re protected from disasters or crashes.


Hostgator wins, hands down, in terms of features, pricing, and affordability, as well as tech support. Since the company offers the same (or better) features than what you’d get with Site5 at a much more affordable price, it makes sense to pick Hostgator, as their tech support is also extremely helpful and friendly. Their reputation for excellence brings them out as the winner in our review of Hostgator vs Site5. Hostgator receives our #1 recommendation, with 5/5 stars overall.

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