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Hostgator vs A Small Orange 2020 Review – a feature by feature webhosting company comparison. Which webhost is the winner for 2020? Find out in this article.

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Hostgator is one of the best web hosting companies available. In addition to offering huge savings and coupon codes, the company also prides itself on some of the major core values that make it what it is today. However, they’ve recently begun to see competition from A Small Orange, which is another powerful hosting company. In our review, we’ll look at the comparisons between Hostgator vs A Small Orange, and determine which one works best in terms of pricing, features, and customer service.

Hostgator vs A Small Orange


At the center of Hostgator’s philosophy is people — including customers, communities, and employees. The company focuses entirely on bringing you the best experience possible. Additionally, they value trust and integrity, making sure that they treat all customers with responsibility and care.


Hostgator offers three basic plans: baby, hatchling, and business. The baby plan starts at $3 per month and offers a single domain with unlimited web space and bandwidth. The hatchling plan starts at $5 per month and provides unlimited domains with unlimited bandwidth and disk space as well. The business plan also gives you a toll free number and SSL certificate, ensuring you can provide the most secure and reliable version of your site to customers all over the world.

A Small Orange has plans for WordPress and other major CMS platforms, but starts at much higher prices, making them impractical on the whole for those who have fewer financial resources to get started with a website.

Data Centers

Hostgator offers data centers in Michigan, Texas, California, and all over the word. For this reason, the company can quickly supply different versions of your sites to global visitors, ensuring that it is as speedy as possible thanks to its advanced reliability and connectivity.

Hostgator is also fully committed to making their environmental footprint as small as possible, with a sustainable and renewable business model at the heart of their offerings.


Hostgator offers a 99% uptime guarantee, 24/7 customer service, and unlimited email accounts as just part of their numerous features. You will also receive access to CronJobs and cPanel, unlimited MySQL databases, and Perl, Python, and PHP support.

While A Small Orange also offers similar features, they do not offer unlimited storage and bandwidth the way Hostgator does, making them a weaker choice on the whole.

Customer Service

Hostgator has long had a reputation for some of the best customer service you can find in any web hosting company. With a support staff that is fully trained in a range of technical issues, they are on call 24/7 to assist you with any and all problems. They will help you set up your site and ensure full functionality, free of charge.

While A Small Orange does have decent customer service, we found they were slightly less responsive on the whole, making them a weaker choice.


For all your web hosting needs, Hostgator can take care of you. They provide extremely reliable and helpful customer service, unlimited data and bandwidth, and as many domains as you could possibly need. For this reason, in our review of Hostgator vs A Small Orange, Hostgator receives our #1 rating and a full 5/5 stars.

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