WPEngine Coupons 2017 & Full Review

WPEngine Coupons November 2017 – Save up to 50% on WPEngine Webhosting with these WPEngine Coupon Codes. Review + Setup tutorial included.



How to Apply Coupons: Simply click on the above 2020 WPEngine coupon of your choice and you will be redirected to a verification link page where you can activate your selected coupon.(Last Updated: Wednesday 28th of October 2020)

Note: Some of the above wpengine coupons, will continue working for the upcoming months of November 2020, December 2020 and January 2020 . As new ones become available will we update our listing. Towards end of 2020 , we will post the upcoming wpengine coupons 2021 for the months of January 2021 and February 2021.

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WP Engine Review 2020: The WordPress Playing Field

Often when businesses begin growing their online presence, they start with a website. This is a great way to make your brand accessible to people from multiple locations, whether you’re trying to reach a local group of customers, or you desire a more national, and even global, reach. WP Engine is a web host that will make the possibility of growing your website and brand, a reality. One reason they receive a five out of five stars from us is because they are #1 in performance when it comes to WordPress hosting. Here’s what makes WP Engine one of the strongest hosts in the industry, and a few reasons why they make the experience better than their competitors.

WPEngine Review 2016

Benefits of WP Engine Webhosting

The list of benefits that WP Engine offer is long. They continually strengthen the way they do business since getting their start in web hosting, and always look to their customers needs first when creating that the perfect balance of their plans. This way they can work with amateurs and pros alike.

Ease of Use: You won’t have to worry about struggling to navigate your control panel, or any other features and tools. WP Engine is easy to use and straightforward in how everything operates. You won’t be disappointed in the verbiage and simplicity of all sizes of plans.

Features: There many features that will leave you satisfied over and over again. We’ll go into more detail about the specifics, but the most important thing is you know that they’re available, and they’re fantastic.

Customer Support: Now even though every plan does not come with 24/7 phone support, they all come with 24/7 ticket support, plus you’ll have plenty of time each day to send inquiries via live chat. The customer service team at WP Engine was friendly and quick to resolve issues. Plus, their blog and tutorials are very helpful and easy to maneuver through to find what you want.

Uptime: WP Engine has been perfecting their uptime over the years, and it shows. They have one of the fastest upload times in the industry, and very few hosts can compete with them in this category. If you want fast page times, then WP Engine is going to be your best bet.

Performance / WordPress Specialized: WP Engine does incredible work when it comes to being WordPress specialized and we appreciate the additional value in their hosting plans. While they price might be a little higher than you’re used to for this service, it is well worth the cost.

WP Engine Features

WP Engine prides themselves in giving you features that you’ll actually use, not just what looks good on paper. They want your overall experience to be a positive one that leaves you successful. After all, their success is based on how well your website performs for you and your target audience. Here’s how their features stack up.

Security: People pay attention to how secure your website is when they visit it. If you have merchandise and services that people purchase online, you want to have the very best security possible. However, even if you aren’t taking payment information online, you’ll still want those who visit your website to know that email addresses, and other bits of information that spammers like to steal, will be in a safe and secure place.

Backups: There are few things more disheartening than putting in a lot of time and hard work into a project, only to have it disappear, never to be recaptured. WP Engine knows that feeling and that’s why they have daily backups. You should be able to work with a little more confident knowing you have such a strong and regular backup system in place.

Unlimited Data Transfer: Each plan comes with the feature of unlimited data transfer. This makes your site better because you won’t have to worry about an uneven and spotty issues. You get the speed you need to make a positive impact on your ideal traffic.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee: Two months is a good deal of time to test out the control panel and all of the features that’s available from WP Engine. The guarantee was no hassle to use, and the money was promptly returned. They didn’t try to sell us more stuff, but we just kindly parted ways.

WP Engine Coupons

When you want to save a little money on start-up and marketing costs, then look no further than WP Engine coupons. Because WP Engine is going to be a little more expensive than some web hosts on the market, you’ll enjoy the savings that you receive.

There are a variety of coupons out there, so be mindful when reading the savings they offer and be sure you find ones that apply to your specific needs. Some will offer you a flat amount off the total while others will be for additional support. And then, of course, others will save you a percentage off your total bill.

How to Setup a Website using WP Engine

Don’t let other business owners tell you that it’s difficult to set up a website. By taking a little time to read and learn the best practices, you can see step-by-step how to get started. Once you get going, you’ll be surprised how easily some of it will come to you. The process is much simpler than it was in the past thanks to new technologies and tools. Here’s how WP Engine makes the process easier.

WP Engine Staging Area Introduction

WP Engine makes testing out new plugins and tweaking your website with new tools safe and out of the view of people visiting. They have a staging area you can seamlessly try out new designs and other elements, and then transition to your live site. Think of it like a playing field.

You simply go to the WordPress dashboard, and you’ll see a WP Engine logo at the top left to click on. Next a “staging” option will be available, and then you just copy the site live to staging.
From there you’ll be prompted to a link that will guide you to the clone of your website, and you can begin adjusting and testing it. Be sure you read all of the tutorials thoroughly when working in the staging area. The backup will be different than your live site, as well as a few other elements.

Setup your WordPress Blog / Website

When setting up a new website, you’ll log in to your user portal and click “add install.” Once you’ve done this, you’ll be prompted to give information about the installation. Simply provide the details and you’ll be directed to your dashboard to continue with the design.

WP Engine Webhosting Plans

No matter how big or small your goals are for building a website, WP Engine will have a plan for you. When you outgrow the plan, simply choose a larger option that fits your needs. WP Engine makes it effortless to choose, migrate, and improve your plan any time of year.

Personal: The personal plan starts at around $29 a month, and you get access to staging, 24/7 ticket support, largeFS, transferable installs, and a few other goodies that will get you started. This plan can handle up to 25,000 visitors a month.

Professional: The professional plan can handle up to one hundred thousand visitors a month, and you get bumped up to 10 installs, 20 GB of local storage, 24/7 phone support and more. You’ll start at about $99 a month, but don’t forget about those coupon options!

Business: Coming in at around $249 a month, you’ll be impressed with the amount of power that’s at your disposal. With the ability to handle 400K visitors a month, 25 installs, 30GB of local storage, GeoIP enabled, and multisite ready, you’ll love what you can do.

For the personal, professional, and business plans you’ll be on a shared server. Each shared hosting plan is strategically designed to suit your business needs depending on where you are in developing your online presence. If you are only taking your first steps, start with the personal plan. The professional plan allows you to run multiple sites with small amounts of steady traffic, and then the business plan is for those that expect more traffic and utilize more technology and practices to optimize their website.

Premium: With the premium option you’ll have a dedicated server and be able to handle over one million visitors a month. Your storage will jump to 100-300GB, and you’ll have 150 installs. Plus, even with that many visitors, you’ll still have the upload time to keep traffic happy and smooth.

Enterprise: The enterprise plan is strong enough for over five million people to visit monthly. You’ll get more storage and feature options than before such as strategic account management. Plus, you’ll still get to enjoy the same installs and unlimited data transfer that you get with the premium plan.

To get a quote for your monthly price for the enterprise and premium plans, you’ll need to call WP Engine. You get a quote based on your particular needs and expectations for the future of your website.

WP Engine Domain Names

As you move up in plans, you’ll move up in a number of installs you can have for free. There are plenty of options to choose from. When deciding on a domain name for your business or blog, WP Engine knows that many names are taken. However, you might have a better chance if you change your extension, for example to dot co instead of dot com. WP Engine will give you options to help ensure you get the domain name that works for your needs.

WP Engine Alternatives

WP Engine has a very specific niche (which they excel at), but it might not be for everyone. Because they are so diligent in their services as a WordPress focused web host, their prices are a little higher. Their features and tools are more refined in those specific places such as a staging area and testing abilities. However, if that’s not what you’re looking for, here’s a few alternative to WP Engine.

Hostgator: Hostgator is going to be the closest when it comes to the benefits that WP Engine offers. You’ll get to enjoy incredibility fast upload times, an amazingly helpful customer support (and Hostgator’s is 24/7). Plus, Hostgator uses the cPanel because it easy to navigate and a favorite among seasoned veterans, as well as first-time users. They offer a 45-day money back guarantee if you want to test them out for risk-free.

Siteground: Siteground, much like Hostgator, is going to be very reasonably priced for the comprehensive plans they offer. You can find some pretty great coupons as well. Plus, you get a site builder and WordPress services if you know you want to work with that website building application (WordPress is the best at what they do, so it’s kind of a no-brainer). They also have a money back guarantee worth checking out.

WP Engine in the News

WP Engine gets a lot of attention because they have servers all over the world. This means that your upload time is fantastic to a viewer who is oceans away from you. They also work with many companies across the globe to stay abreast of the industry trends. They keep their employees happy, and they continue to move forward using positive and innovative methods. They offer unique services compared to many who seem to all be doing the same thing. They’re one to watch in the future to see how the expand their services.


WP Engine is a web host that knows exactly what direction they’re going in, and this makes it easier to use their services. They have a clear vision and their customer service, tutorials, and staging area brings it together. If you want a web host that makes using WordPress, even more, efficient than it already is, then WP Engine has got your back (and your front). Sign up for the sixty-day money back guarantee to see for yourself what a treat it is teaming up with WP Engine compared to a lot of the alternatives.