Justhost Coupons 2018 & Full Review

Justhost Coupons February 2018 – Save up to 60% on Justhost Webhosting with these Justhost Coupon Codes. Review + Setup tutorial included.

How to Apply Coupons: Simply click on the below 2020 Justhost coupon of your choice and the selected discount code will automatically be applied to your order. (Last Updated: Wednesday 28th of October 2020)

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Justhost Review 2020

Whether your business needs a website, you want to start a blog, or you’ve decided to teach yourself a little something about web design and need a place to practice, you’ll start the process by choosing a web hosting company. And by now you’ve probably discovered there are quite a few options out there.

Well, we’ve made it a little easier for you by taking some of the most popular web hosts in the industry for a test ride. Justhost is one of the web hosts we reviewed, and it got a 5 out of 5 star rating because of it’s features, benefits, and then some. Read below to see what Justhost can do for you.

Justhost Review 2016

5 Benefits of Justhost Webhosting

Your web host is really only as good as the benefits they offer you. Justhost gives you all of the essential tools and features to help you make a statement online, without all of the stuff you don’t need.

#1: Ease of Use

You’ll love how easy it is to navigate the control panel, set up a domain name, and design your website. In fact, Justhost is so easy to use, you can have your site designed and live the same day you purchase a plan.

#2: Features

There’s no fluff when it comes to the features offered by Justhost. You get what you truly need like e-commerce shopping carts, the award winning cPanel, a website builder and so much more. Amateurs and seasoned pros alike will benefits tremendously by all of the tools and features Justhost has available.

#3: Customer Support

Running a website can be a hard job, but with the right customer support, you won’t have to waste any time. Justhost support is fast to get back to you and gives you multiple ways to reach them. They make it easy and convenient for their customers, and we thank them for that.

#4: Price

Justhost has some of the best prices around for the features and tools they offer. Starting as low as $2.95 per month (and that’s without a coupon), you’ll see the return on your investment in no time.

#5: Uptime

You don’t need good uptime – you need great uptime if you want your website to have an impact on your audience. People pay attention to load times, and they don’t stick around when they’re slow. Justhost has one of the best uptimes in the industry because your success, is their success too.

Justhost Features

One thing we really love about Justhost is that their plans are comprehensive, and they don’t give you a bunch of features you don’t need. It’s simple to seamlessly transition from one plan to the next. This makes it easy for those just starting out to get a very basic plan at a low price, and once they learn the features of that plan, they can move up to a bigger plan that offers even more. Here we take a look at the features you’ll get when going with Justhost.

Control Panel

Justhost uses the cPanel that is one of the easiest and useful panels on the market. And the best part is, they offer you free demo before you sign up for any plans. This way, you can check it out and see what you’ll be using before spending a dime.

Domain registration

With each plan, you’ll have a domain included at no extra cost to you. Then, you can purchase more after that if you decide you want more than one website. The registration process is easy and actually pretty fun.


You’ll have plenty of room in your email accounts to get all of your business taken care of. Most plans have unlimited email, but if you don’t intend on using it that much or you have a different email account you prefer, you have the option of saving a little money and getting fewer email options.


One word here: Unmetered. You’ll have unmetered bandwidth with all of your plans. This is a favorite feature for many because it just ups your network performance and enhances your website.

30-Day money back guarantee

Justhost is confident that you’ll have a great experience when you choose them, but if you aren’t happy, they don’t think you should feel stuck. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee that’s simple to use and gives you plenty of time to see what they’re all about.

Justhost Coupons

Justhost’s prices are already low for the amount of services and features they offer, but they want to make them even lower for you. They have some fantastic coupons available throughout the year that are worth taking advantage of.

Some of the most popular coupon codes will give you 25% off or more. But in all honesty, their prices are so fair, a coupon code will be great, but you’ll still be happy with the price no matter what.

How to Setup a Website Using Justhost

It’s important that you don’t think that setting up a website is hard. Web design and code shouldn’t hinder you from getting started. Here we’ll look at how to setup and design a website using Justhost.

Setup a WordPress Blog / Website

When you choose a plan from Justhost, you’ll start by picking out your domain name that represents your brand, individuality, and business. Once you’ve made your choice, then you just want to go to your cPanel and choose the one-click install for WordPress. While there are other web-based applications you can use, we would recommend going with WordPress because it is the most reliable and easiest to use. Plus, you’ll not only have support from Justhost through this process, but you’ll have customer support from WordPress as well.

After the install is complete, you’ll choose your username and password and be ready to publish your first post if you want! However, most people choose to tackle the design before launching their site. Next, let’s look at how to create a unique web design in just a few easy steps.

Create a Website using Weebly

While web design has gotten a little easier to perform, there are some difficult codes to learn if you try to design your site from scratch. If you want to learn how to do that, there are a lot of tutorials and templates available. But, if you want a professional looking site without having to take a course in web design, Justhost offers you the simple drag-and-drop site builder Weebly.

The install takes less than a minute, and all you do is upload your photos, or choose from their options, and start designing. Take a moment to watch the free tutorials that teach you how to add links and images, borders and caption, and all of the other functions that will make your brand stand out.

Justhost Webhosting Plans

Justhost has plans that are perfect for getting you started if this is your first time building a website. However, they also have plenty of options for those that are well versed in web hosts and what they have to offer. Here we explore the different plans, so you can start decided which one is the best for you to start with.

Shared Hosting Plans

Justhost has three shared hosting plans for you to choose from. These are great for people who are just starting out, local small business, and bloggers. Remember that you can seamlessly change plans as you grow and gain more traffic.

• Starter: The starter plan is going to be for those who are just getting their toes wet. You get one free domain, unlimited bandwidth, plenty of email accounts and storage, and all for under $3 a month.
• Plus: There’s a reason this is the most popular plan. You get one free domain, unlimited domains, unlimited email, a SpamExpert, and much more for under $5 a month.
• Business Pro: Coming in at under $10 a month, you’ll have all of the benefits you get with the Plus Plan, but with more marketing, spam prevention, dedicated IP, privacy, and backup.

VPS Hosting Plans

When you want more out of your host, then a VPS hosting plan will give that you. The services are tightly managed, and you have more server resources and fantastic provisions.

• Standard: The first month you’ll start at around $15 and have 2 GB RAM, 30 CB, Dual Core, 1 TB/month, and then some!
• Enhanced: If you want to take it up a notch, then for around $30 for the month, you’ll get 4 GB RAM, 60 GB, 1 TB/month, 2 IPs, dual core, and beyond.
• Premium: This VPS plan has an introductory rate of about $45 a month, and you get triple core, 6 GB RAM, 120 GB, 3 TB/month, and much more.
• Ultimate: With an introductory rate of about $60 a month, quad-core, 8 GB RAM, 240 GB, 4 TB/month, 2 IPs, and more powerful tools, you’ll love the power you get with this plan.

Dedicated Hosting Plans

Get ready for some of the best and most affordable dedicated hosting plans in the web host industry. Here we check out their three plans and what they can do for you.

• Standard: Your first month will be under $75, and you’ll get dual-core, 3 MB cache, 4 GB RAM, 5 TB/month, 3 IPs, and that’s just to name a few of the features.
• Enhanced: When you’re ready to move up a bit in power, you’ll start at around $100 for the first month and get quad-core, 8 MB Cache, 8 GB RAM, 4 IPs, and the list goes on.
• Premium: Quad-core, 5 IPs, 15 TB/month, 16 GB RAM, 1000 GB, and many other powerful features will be at your fingertips for an introductory rate of under $125 a month.

Justhost Domain Names

Domain names are easy to get when you choose Justhost as your web host. You simply go to your cPanel, select the domain manager button, and choose the domain name that represents your brand and business. Justhost will let you know if that name is taken or not. If it is, they offer you a list of similar domain names that you can choose from. Domains start at around $10 per URL and go up depending on how competitive the name is.

Justhost Alternatives

Of course, if you don’t think Justhost is going to do the trick for you when it comes to the services and features they offer, there are some wonderful alternatives you can check out. Here we list two of the best web hosting companies out there that give Justhost a run for their money.

Hostgator: Hostgator is an innovative and experienced web hosting company with fantastic prices for the services offered. Their plans are comprehensive, and it’s easy to transition seamlessly from one to the next as your presence online matures. Plus, their customer service is award winning.

Bluehost: Bluehost is one of the friendliest and easy to use web hosting companies. They have a knowledgebase full of information that you’ll love having access to. They also have a lot of freebies when you choose one of their plans. Oh yeah, and their upload times are fast – really fast.

Justhost in the News

Justhost is not only known in the media for applying innovative practices that have kept them at the forefront of the industry for years, but they’re also known for their integrity and simplicity. They don’t overcomplicate the process, and it has been made clear, their customers greatly appreciate this. Customers also rave about the affordable prices and quality of customer service response time.


After testing out the services for an extended period that Justhost offers, we were more than happy with the features, tools, and support we got from them. They exceeded our expectations when it came to upload times, pricing, and plans. They were quick to get back to us when we had questions or issues and their website builder Weebly gave us a professional looking site that was up and running in one day.

If you aren’t sure if Justhost is for you, or you don’t know if you are capable of building and running a website, check out their 30-day money back guarantee. They are quick to return your money if you aren’t satisfied. This gives you a no-risk option so that you can get started today.