iPage Coupons 2019 & Full Review

IPage Coupons January 2019 – Save up to 70% on iPage Webhosting with these iPage Coupon Codes. Review + Setup tutorial included.


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Note: Some of the above ipage coupons, will continue working for the upcoming months of November 2020, December 2020 and January 2020 . As new ones become available will we update our listing. Towards end of 2020 , we will post the upcoming ipage coupons 2021 for the months of January 2021 and February 2021.

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iPage Review 2020: A Web Host Solution For Small Businesses and Bloggers

Taking the time to research the different web hosts is a wise decision when you decide to build your online business or blog. However, while many web hosts may seem similar in the services they offer, it’s important to understand that no two hosting companies are identical. That’s why we’ve taken the time to review many different hosting companies to get to the bottom of who offers the best features and services. Here we’ve spent some time looking at iPage and how well it does for businesses large and small. We’ve given them 4 out of 5 stars for the reasons listed below.

iPage Review 2016

Benefits of iPage Webhosting

If you’re a beginner in building websites, iPage has plenty of benefits that will get you going in the right direction. While they may not be for every business online, many people with small businesses or blogs will find value in what iPage has to offer. Here are just a few things you can take advantage of.

Features: You’ll receive features like SiteLock security for free, expert support, a free domain name, a website builder, and many unlimited options such as email and bandwidth.

Marketing: You can do a lot with a $100 Google Adwords and $100 Yahoo/Bing credit, and many more marketing offers to help ensure that your site gets started on the right foot.

Price: With plans as low as $2 a month, the start-up price will be fantastic with iPage. While you may want to upgrade in the future to a more comprehensive host, when you’re just getting started, the price can’t be beaten.

Energy efficiency: iPage works hard to lessen their carbon footprint, and they have plenty of ways for you to let the traffic that visits your website know that you take part in the eco-friendly cause as well.

Beginner tools: You’ll have a lot of tools, tutorials, and design help to get you going in the right direction. These will be very valuable when you don’t have the time or know-how to write codes or build a website from scratch.

iPage Features

Let’s get a little more into detail about the features that you can expect when you choose iPage as your web host. While some of the features you’ll come to expect with any great host, others will just make your life easier, and you would miss them if they were gone.

Customer support: You can easily reach the iPage team 24/7 with your questions or concerns. You’ll also have access to tutorials, a knowledgebase, and a community directory.

Business on Tapp: When you need a little extra guidance and support from industry experts, the free app Business on Tapp will give you the advice you’ve been looking for, as well as some new ideas you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.

Shopping carts: If you want to start an e-commerce store or sell merchandise on your website, you’ll have all of the tools to accept payments, set up shopping carts, and showcase your items with well-displayed images.

Money-back guarantee: You have 30 days to take iPage for a test run, and that will give you enough time to get comfortable with the control panel and other features. Take your time and get familiar with the different tools, and if you decide that you’re going to be too limited, you’ll see the money back in your account in about two weeks.

iPage Coupons

iPage is one of the least expensive web hosts on the market, and while they do keep their services basic and understandable, they still offer many options for you. However, if you want to make them even more affordable, take the time to get an iPage coupon for their services. This will save you some pretty decent money on the up-front costs, and you can use those savings for more advertising and marketing applications. You can get as much as 83% off with some coupons, so this isn’t a step you want to skip when finding a web host.

How to Setup a Website using iPage

Setting up a website is only complicated if you want it to be. The process is actually quite simple if you know the proper steps to take. Let’s look at how to set a website and design it using WordPress and Weebly.

Setup a WordPress Blog / Website Step by Step

Once you’ve found a domain name that suits the needs of your online goals, you’ll need to go to your control panel and install WordPress using the one-click install. We recommend that you use WordPress for your website because it is the most reliable and easiest application for beginners and seasoned pros. You’ll be guided through simple steps once the install is complete to change your password if you want. Then you can start writing or start designing before you decide to launch your site.

Setup a Weebly Website

Once WordPress is installed, you can then go back to your control panel and install the drop-and-drag website builder Weebly. Take advantage of the free tutorials that Weebly guides you through so you can add links, upload images, create meta tags, and more that will help you optimize your site and give it a unique look. You’ll be amazed at the professional quality (and so will your visitors).

iPage Webhosting Plans

iPage gives you plans that range from basic to powerful. Here’s we’ll review the plans and what they can offer you.

• iPage Essential Plan: The essential plan starts at about $2 a month and gives you a free online store, SiteLock security, unlimited domains, marketing tools, and much more.
• VPS Hosting: If you need more speed, power, and features, there are three VPS hosting plans to choose from. They range from $20 to $80 a month for the initial cost, and you’ll get more bandwidth, cores, RAM, and storage as you move up from the Basic plan, to the Business plan, and then the Optimum plan.
• Dedicated Hosting: Starting at about $120 a month for the introductory rate, on up to $195 a month for the Enterprise plan, dedicated hosting has the most speed, storage, and bandwidth of any plans offered by iPage.
• WordPress Hosting: If you want to start a blog, then check out the two WordPress plans that iPage has to offer. The Starter and Essential plans are both under $7 a month. Both have the necessary features you need to create the online presence you strive for and to gain traffic. You just get more speed, security, and support with the Essential plan.

iPage Domain Names

When you decide to register a new domain, you’ll be happy with the guidance and ease that iPage allows you to do that. They offer you a good deal of security and privacy during the process. If your domain name is taken, they will offer you alternatives to help you out.

You also have options to enhance your domain performance, so you can give your audience the fastest upload times and page loads. And you don’t have to worry about remembering to renew your domain because this will be done automatically.

iPage Alternatives

We know that while iPage is a fantastic web host, it isn’t going to be for everyone. Here are two great alternatives that you can test out. They both offer a money-back guarantee if you decide to go with one of these to get started.

Justhost: Justhost has the award winning cPanel that makes it easy to navigate and customize. Plus, you can test out the cPanel before you commit to their hosting plans. It’s extremely affordable and has wonderful upload times and features.

Dreamhost: Dreamhost has over a decade of experience and can handle businesses large and small. They have a top-notch support team and are perfect for freelancers and those passionate about design. If you’re a seasoned pro (or want to become one), Dreamhost is a great place to get started. Plus, they offer Cloud Hosting and more plan options that you can seamlessly transition through as you grow.

iPage in the News

People recognize the plans and value that iPage has to offer the web hosting community, but they are also noted for their strong stance on keeping the environment strong. They are committed to making your experience a positive one, and that’s why they offer so many tools and features. They take pride in their security measures and provide customers with a badge to put on their site, so those who visit you online will know their information is protected. After all, if you have a store, you’ll want to give people the peace of mind when giving you personal financial information and shopping addresses. They keep things simple for you, so you can build your website quickly and get back to running your business.


After taking iPage for a test run, we found that it was perfect for someone who was just getting started. You’ll get all of the features and tools that you need to create a great website for your small business or start a blog. If you intend to gain a lot of traffic in the future or find that you gain a larger audience than you originally expected, you might end up migrating to a different web host in the future. Take the time to test out the no risk, 30-day money back guarantee to decide for yourself.


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