Bluehost Coupons 2019 & Full Review

Bluehost Coupons January 2019 – Save up to 50% on Bluehost Webhosting with these Bluehost Coupon Codes. Review + Setup tutorial included.

How to Apply Coupons: Simply click on the below 2020 Bluehost Coupon of your choice and the selected discount code will automatically be applied to your order. (Last Updated: Wednesday 28th of October 2020)

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Bluehost Review 2020: Grow Your Online Presence

It’s not difficult to find a web host company these days, but it is difficult to find one that gets five out of five stars because they offer exactly what you need, no matter what your online goals are. Bluehost is known for their comprehensive plans that you can easily transitions through as your business needs change, their responsive customer service, and much more. After giving them a chance and testing out all of their tools, upload times, and other features, it was a no-brainer that Bluehost deserved high marks. Here’s what we discovered when using Bluehost.

Bluehost Review 2018

Benefits of Bluehost Webhosting

When you want to ensure that you’re going to be provided with the best web host service in the industry, the first place to look is to their benefits. Bluehost will give your online presence many opportunities to grow, and here we touch on just a few of the benefits.

#1: Ease of Use

Bluehost is easy to use because they keep everything simple. They don’t throw a lot of tech-talk your way when you’re just starting out, but they do have plenty of advanced options for the pros.

#2: Features

You’ll have all of the necessary features to get your website started, and then some! The well-designed cPanel allows one-click installs, easy access to your email accounts, a page speed grader, and many other features that will give you an edge over the competition.

#3: Customer Support

The customer support at Bluehost is fast and efficient. They not only help you when you find yourself stuck on an issue, but they guide you in the right direction when you aren’t sure what your next steps should be. Plus, you can easily reach them 24/7 via phone, email, ticket submission, live chat, or just check out their many tutorials and articles.

#4: Price

Bluehost is competitively priced and provides you with multiple options starting at about $4 a month, and then going up from there. You’ll have plenty of plans to choose from depending on your specific needs such as budget and what features are most important to you.

#5: Uptime

You get a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, and they mean it! If you don’t think your site is moving fast enough, check out the speed grader for options to make it even faster. Bluehost is so confident in their uptime guarantee that if you ever experience server downtime, you can leave Bluehost without any cost to you.

Bluehost Features

If you’re new to web hosting, then take the time to explore all of the features before you really jump on board building your website. They will save you time and money when applied properly. Here are some of the best features Bluehost has to offer.


The cPanel is known for its ease of use and functionality. The more you familiarize yourself with the cPanel, the more you’ll be able to accomplish. Plus, as you get more comfortable with all of the options that it offers, you can customize it to suite your needs.

Website builder

If you aren’t familiar with how to build a website, you don’t have to worry. Bluehost has simple to install website builders that will get your design up and running fast. You’ll be able to enjoy a professional grade website with the ease of drag-and-drop design solutions (and you’ll be impressed that you did it all yourself).


With each plan, you’ll get to take advantage of soloSEO, free marketing money for Google Adwords, as well as Bing and Yahoo marketing money. This is a great way to build your online presence when you’re on a budget.


Life is so much easier when you have plenty of room for emails, and Bluehost has tons of unlimited email options for you. When you want to have a professional looking email with your brand in the name, you’ll be pleased with this feature.

Business on Tapp

Stay up to date on industry trends and get advice from some of the most successful online business owners with this fantastic app. You’ll get tips and advice, as well as blueprints for success when you Tapp in.

30-day money back guarantee

Test out the services offered by Bluehost with their 30-day money back guarantee. Thirty days is plenty of time to check out the cPanel, Weebly, and explore all the features of Bluehost.

Bluehost Coupons

There are plenty of Bluehost coupons available for you. They range anywhere from 25% off all the way to 80% off. If you’re a beginner, there are some special deals available to help you with the start-up costs that we all know everyone keeps an eye on. While Bluehost already has fair and affordable plans for you, you can’t go wrong with saving a little extra money.

How to Setup a Website using Bluehost

Don’t be intimidated about setting up a website to help grow your brand or to start a blog. It’s not as hard as people make it out to be when you go with a hosting company that offers you so many advantages like Bluehost. Here we’ll touch on how to setup a website, and then how to make the design unique to your brand.

Setup a WordPress Blog / Website

After you have successfully selected a plan and a domain name, then you’ll be ready to go to your cPanel, and under the tab “website,” choose the install WordPress icon. You will then be guided step-by-step and set up your password so you can explore the WordPress dashboard and install any plugins you want. While there are other web building applications you can use to set up a website, WordPress is the best in the industry because it’s easy to use and comes with support when you need it.

Create a Website using Weebly

Once you have set up your website using WordPress, you can then go to your cPanel and click on the “Use Weebly” icon to install it. Then you’ll be given a simple tutorial that will teach how to upload images such as your logo and profile picture, how to use links and create meta tags, and more. You’ll be able to choose from thousands of templates to make your website unique to you.

With Weebly, you’ll not only get an easy to design website, but you’ll have the option to upgrade in the future to have better theme control, optimized pages, and be able to write your own code. But, the free version of Weebly is the perfect way to get started, and you might find you never need to upgrade because you won’t have any limitations with it.

Bluehost Webhosting Plans

Now that we’ve reviewed all of the benefits, features, and how to take those first steps in starting your online presence, let’s check out all of the comprehensive plans Bluehost offers.

Shared Hosting Plans:
• Starter – Perfect for those at the beginning and under $4 a month, you get a free domain, unmetered bandwidth, and 100GB website space.
• Plus – The most popular plan gives you unmetered bandwidth, website space, and unlimited website space. Plus $200 in marketing offers all at under $7 per month.
• Business Pro – At about $14 a month you get all the unlimited option as with the Plus plan, but you also get 2 SpamExperts, 1 SSL, 1 dedicated IP and high performance.

VPS Hosting Plans:
• Standard – The first month with be around $15 and you’ll get 2 CPU cored, 2GB RAM, 1TB, and 30GB SAN.
• Enhanced – Introductory rate starting at $30 and more power with 60GB SAN, 40 GB RAM, 2 TB, and 2 IP addresses.
• Premium – With 3 CPU Cores, 120GB SAN, 6GB RAM, and 3 TB, you won’t mind the introductory price of about $45.
• Ultimate – Starting at about $60 for the first month, you’ll get an unbeatable amount of power with 4 CPU cores, 8GB RAM, 4TB, and 240GB SAN.

Dedicated Hosting Plans:
• Standard – With 3 IP addresses, 1 TB, 5 TB of bandwidth, and more, you can take advantage of the $75 introductory rate.
• Enhanced – Starting at about $100 for the first month, you get 8GB RAM, 10 TB Bandwidth, 1 TB (mirrored), and 4 IP addresses.
• Premium – This is the fastest of the dedicated plans with 4 x 3.3 HGz CPU, 16GB RAM, and 15 TB of bandwidth, and 5 IP addresses, all for around $125 to start.

Cloud Hosting Plans:
• Starter – Starting at about $6 a month and providing you with unmetered bandwidth, 2 available CPU, 500 email storage, and more, you can’t go wrong with the cloud hosting plan.
• Performance – This popular plan starts at around $9 a month and has unmetered storage space, bandwidth, and unlimited websites, as well as marketing offers.
• Business Pro – At around $16 a month, you’ll get everything you need plus a dedicated IP, 2 SpamExperts, site backup and restore, and beyond.

WordPress Hosting Plans:
• Blogger – At the affordable price of around $13 a month you can handle up to 100 million visitors a month, while getting plenty of storage, backup, RAM, and 5 ManageWP sites.
• Professional – If you want to take it up a notch, try this plan for about $38 a month. Up to 300 million visitors a month, and more storage (60GB), backup, RAM, and SiteLock Pro.
• Business – With an introductory rate of $60, you get the power for 600 million visitors a month, even more storage, backup, RAM, ManageWP sites, security, and then some.
• Enterprise – When you’ve grown your business and are ready for unlimited visitors a month, then this plan with a first-month starting rate of $85 a month, will have all of the power you need to keep your audience happy and your website powerful.

Bluehost Domain Names

Another part of the process that Bluehost makes easy is getting domain names. You simply type in the domain name you want, and Bluehost will let you know if it’s available or not. Most of the domain names will be around $10 and up. If your preferred name isn’t available, you’ll get a list of suggestions of similarly named options. You’ll also have access to a list of names that are being sold by brokers if you want to get one of the most popular names on the market today.

Bluehost Alternatives

While we know Bluehost has everything you need to get your online presence started, you might still be unsure if they’re the right choice for you. Here we list a few other options for web hosting companies that will also take your website to the next level.

Hostgator: Hostgator has been in business for over a decade because they keep up with the market trends and are constantly applying innovative ideas as technology changes. They offer comprehensive plans at competitive prices, so whether you’re a Fortune 500 company (or want to become one), a local small business, or a lovable blogger, you’ll have everything you need to reach your online goals.

Justhost: This is one of the most affordable hosting options on the market, and they give you plenty of room to grow your business. You’ll have a lot of speed and marketing tools to keep your audience happy, as well as site builders and the cPanel to keep it functional for you.

Bluehost in the News

Bluehost does some pretty impressive things beyond offering fantastic plans and fast upload times. They also help out the community by offering free hosting to non-profit organizations. They have partnered up with, and all you have to do is fill out the application to see if your nonprofit group is eligible. Then you just claim your code and start changing the online world!

Bluehost also takes an active role in education and offers special hosting plans for schools, students, and institutions. This allows you to take your classroom online and your students to learn new skills that will benefit them in the future.


With all of the web hosting options available today, you’ll want to take your time to ensure that you make the right decision for you and your brand. However, you don’t want to waste your time either. Take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee from Bluehost, and if you find that you’re looking for something a little different, then you can get your money back with no risk involved. However, after testing out their services, we’re confident you’ll be happy with your decision.



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