Comparing SEO Metrics: Majestic TF vs CF vs Moz DA vs Moz PA

The gradual extinction of Google PageRank gave rise to secondary metrics like domain authority, trust flow, and citation flow, which are all becoming Google’s ranking factors. Two of the most reliable software in ranking and determining the authority of sites or blogs are Moz and Majestic.

Majestic SEO TF

Majestic Trust Flow and Majestic Citation Flow

Trust flow is used in deciding how trustworthy a certain link is, depending on the quality of backlinks pointing to the site. The trust flow of a site increases along with the number of authoritative, trustworthy backlinks to a site. This metric is important for competition analysis, link audit/penalty recovery, and link prospecting.

Citation flow, on the other hand, estimates how influential a website site is based on the links pointing to it, regardless of the quality of the links. For instance, if there are several domains pointing to a certain blog post compared to the other posts in a website, that means that the blog post is getting more attention than the others.

Majestic Trust Flow is more significant than Majestic Citation Flow, largely due to the latter’s association with spam links. Remember, in the case of authoritative sites, having quality backlinks highly matters.

Now, it is important to determine the ratio between Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow since this will allow you to have a quick analysis of the trustworthiness of a site.

If the trust flow of a certain site is significantly lesser compared to the citation flow, it means that the site is having huge amount of low-quality backlinks, which can come from “spammy” areas of the web. In contrary, if a site has a high amount of Trust Flow and low Citation Flow, this implies that the links pointing to that site are trustworthy sources.

These two Majestic SEO metrics helps you decide whether a site is technically trustworthy or not. This ability saves you time in quality checking sites before contacting them to ensure that you are only building high-quality links.

Moz Domain Authority vs Moz Page Authority

Moz Doman Authority is a score that estimates the likelihood that a certain website will rank on search engines. You can use this SEO tool when comparing sites or monitoring the strength of your website over time. Aside from its value in giving more power to your domains, it also helps in ranking interior pages that may not have as many links.

While Moz Domain Authority estimates the ranking strength of entire domains or subdomains, Moz Page Authority measures the strength of individual pages. It is commonly determined by the number of relative links and trust that you have to a specific page on your website. Most of the time, the front page gets the most PA because majority of people linking to your site will link to the homepage.

Both Domain Authority and Page Authority are best used as comparative metrics especially when doing an analysis of the search results and finding out which sites or pages have more influential links than others.

When compared with the flow metrics, domain authority and page authority are more regularly updated and are better all round indicators. However, all these SEO metrics should be properly considered for a complete analysis.

All of these SEO metrics are important in their own ways. They make SEO tasks easier than ever. However, although these SEO metrics are good indicators, you should also consider looking at the other aspects of the site, such as site history, age, indexed pages and other links to it. This way, you can have a holistic analysis of your site’s performance.


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