How to Check a Website for Broken Links Using Ahrefs

Broken Link Checker

Broken links can pose a substantial negative effect on the performance of your website in Google. A broken link is when a page on your site is linking to another page that no longer exists. This is bad because it gives users a bad experience on your site, but also because Google penalizes sites that contain pages with broken links. Ahrefs Site Explorer has two features … [Read more...]

Comparing SEO Metrics: Majestic TF vs CF vs Moz DA vs Moz PA

Majestic and Moz

The gradual extinction of Google PageRank gave rise to secondary metrics like domain authority, trust flow, and citation flow, which are all becoming Google’s ranking factors. Two of the most reliable software in ranking and determining the authority of sites or blogs are Moz and Majestic. Majestic Trust Flow and Majestic Citation Flow Trust flow is used in deciding … [Read more...]

SSL Certificates – Types, Pricing and Best Sellers

SSL Top Comparison

SSL Certificates, also called digital certificates, are small files of data that digitally bind a cryptographic key to the details of an organization. Upon installation on a web server, a secure encrypted connection between a web server and a browser will be established. SSL Certificates protect sensitive data, including credit card transactions, data transfer and … [Read more...]